Senior Technical Lead (Node.js)

Job description

We are excited to announce that our Harver-team is looking for a Teamleader.

Harver is a fast-growing recruitment technology company. They've created a platform that enables recruiters to make data-driven hiring decisions. By leveraging Predictive Analytics and AI, the Harver platform can predict whether or not an applicant is suitable for the job he/she is applying for and assists recruiters in selecting the right people.

Harver entered the market in 2015 and they now have offices in Amsterdam and New York.

In short: They're doing cool stuff and they're looking for people that like doing cool stuff.


  • Tech lead with at least 3-4 years of experience leading teams

  • NodeJS proficiency, experience with other languages desirable

  • AWS services, cloud computing in general

  • AWS Lambda experience required

  • Automation skills, microservice architecture experience

  • Docker containers and related technologies

  • Experience in maintaining REST APIs

  • Software requirement triaging skills

  • Agile/Scrum based workflow experience