Senior Software Engineer (Vue.js or React.js)

Job description

We are looking for a Senior Engineers who have experience in Vue.js or React.js and love to build a world class user interface for our client Temper.

Temper is an online marketplace connecting highly motivated freelance staff to their next gig. Temper has started with hospitality, and in the next year they will expand to other branches. Over 20,000 hospitality freelancers and 1000+ clients are already using the platform.

The core values of Temper are: Innovation. Personal development. Flexibility. Freedom. Power to the people.

Why you will love to work with us:

  • High caliber team - We love to work with smart people.

  • Independence - You'll get all the latitude and freedom to find your ideal approach to problems. No micro-management here.

  • People over process - We won't bother you with dull meetings and processes that don't help. You co-create our workflow using Continuous Improvement

  • Excitement - Work on a product that encourages thousands to rethink the way they work.

  • Growth - In our bi-weekly bootcamp we'll teach each other about what we've learned recently.

  • Great tools and hardware - All the tools you need to fully focus on your work.

  • Automation - Good developers are lazy developers. One-click deployment and automated testing FTW.


  • Minimum 2+ years experience in Vue.js or React.js

  • 3+ years of experience in pure Front-end Development

  • Experience in working with PHP (Preferably in Laravel)

  • Love to experiment with the latest technologies and teach us about it.

  • Take responsibility for the end product.

  • Lazy ;-) You know how to automate your deployment and quality assurance using TDD.

  • Experience in GIT

  • Experience in Bitbucket and Asana is a plus