Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Job description

We are looking for a dynamic Senior Software Quality Assurance Automation Engineer, for our client Temper.

Temper is a trusted community marketplace for people to find fun jobs - online or from a mobile phone without intervention of an employment agency. Whether a hostess for a boutique hotel, a cocktail shaker for a nightclub, or a chef for a fancy restaurant, Temper connects people to unique working experiences, at any price point, in The Netherlands.

How we work

  • High caliber team - We love to work with smart people.

  • Focus - Based on your skills and interests you'll work in a team focused on Operational Excellence or Innovation.

  • Independence - You'll get all the latitude and freedom to find your ideal approach to problems. No micromanagement here.

  • Teamwork - We do bi-weekly planning where you'll work together with our product owner.

  • Growth - In our bi-weekly boot-camp we'll teach each other about what we've learned recently.

  • Great tools and hardware - All the tools you need to fully focus on coding.ood developers are lazy¬†

  • Automation - Good developers. One-click deployment and automated testing FTW.


  • 5+ years of experience in Technology, with an emphasis on QA, and proven ability in writing test cases, running functional, automated or performance tests, and managing defects.

  • Strong understanding of QA methodologies.

  • Experience using BDD.

  • Ability to lead the development and execution of performance and automation testing for large scale projects.

  • Excellent product understanding, team collaboration and communication skills.